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Art and DT

Art and DT

Our Art Department is well loved and children enjoy creating a wide range of works from traditional painting and drawing to lino-cutting, print-making, pottery, sculpture, papier mache, textiles and more.  All our pupils get involved with our creative curriculum through weekly lessons and co-curricular activities. 

Design Technology is often the highlight of the week for Prep pupils.  Here they can get hands-on with tools to design and build a wide range of objects. Learning CAD is always a highlight of the technology curriculum and the 3D printer is a source of great creativity and fun!

Prep Art

Even children who profess not to be good at art find a niche in which they can take enormous pleasure and achievement at Clayesmore Prep. There is never a 'bad' piece of art at Clayesmore and creativity abounds, born from the courage children are given to explore and experiment.

Some of our pupils show an early talent in a medium and we are happy in the knowledge they are able to explore their passions and interests further in the Senior school art department. Every year Clayesmore students are accepted at some of the leading UK and international art schools and colleges and we have several Old Clayesmorians who have been well recognised artists. We nurture this talent through the Prep school and are delighted when our young artists excel in their Senior years.

Prep DT

Design Technology is taught from the earliest year groups up to Year 8. It is a hugely popular subject where pupils get to try their hand at using a wide variety of tools as well as the 3D printer. They explore the creativity and practicality of design and are asked to start thinking about form and function. The technology curriculum supports the design element of the subject, allowing pupils to experiment with CAD and other packages to create their designs and bring them to life.

The Prep DT Department also boasts a small, but impressive "Technology Museum" with 'dial' telephones, enormous computers and tvs and some original 'brick' mobile phones! Children are often in awe at how fast design technology has moved on in such a short space of time.


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