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Absolutely Education

Absolutely Education

1 September 2021

We were delighted to feature in Absolutely Education's September edition.

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The school standing out from the crowd, with a progressive re-envisioning of a thoroughly modern education.

Clayesmore, a leading co-educational, all through day and boarding school, will be introducing LEX; a bold and ambitious weekend programme to equip every Clayesmorian with the essential skills to live their lives well.

Clayesmore has torn up the rule book of a traditional 6 day a week independent education, and replaced academic lessons on a Saturday with a supercharged weekend of trips, experiences and events.  All designed to enable pupils to seize new opportunities, develop new skills and provide them with memories and mastery to draw upon forever

‘It has become abundantly clear that alongside a strong core academic curriculum, young people need more than ever to be outdoors; developing an appreciation and a passion for the environment with all the opportunities for physical fitness, exhilaration, adventure and sheer good fun that includes!’ Jo Thomson, Head of Clayesmore

It will aim to ignite new interests, enable meaningful accomplishments and equip young people positively to thrive in this modern world.  LEX will also combine practical and theoretical learning with emotional and physical wellbeing, adventure and achievement.

LEX aims to provide a bridge to adulthood, and give pupils the edge they need to prosper in this increasingly challenging world.

To ‘LEX’ or to Flex?

Every term time weekend will be packed with excitement, events and trips; but, Clayesmore's strong pastoral conscience recognises that kids sometimes just want to go home, see their parents and recharge; and that's OK too. Flexing to the needs of pupils and their families is one of Clayesmore’s greatest strengths; it's a family affair at this school, where fluidity and compromise are used in generous measure to balance school and family life.  

With the introduction of a ‘Capital to Clayesmore’ boarding package which includes transport at a flat fee, it is an exciting time for London families to consider a Dorset education for their sons and daughters.  The London offer enables families to join the school knowing that every aspect of their child’s school life is taken care of, including transport to and from home.  From centralised points along the M3, Clayesmore will transport boarders home on Fridays or Saturdays (dependent on sporting commitments) and collect them again on a Sunday, allowing families to spend quality time together rather than time travelling.

LEX is a landmark moment for the school, its pupils and parents, and is set to frame the next phase of Clayesmore’s remarkable history.

Read more about LEX, or download the brochure at

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