Catch up with the latest news from Clayesmore

Ladies Hockey: OCs vs the School

It’s a tradition that the morning after the Late Summer Party, a group of eager Old Clayesmorians meets the School’s First XI for a fierce stand off on the Astro.


Drummond Cup Football

The annual shebang saw a strong OC team defending the Society’s honour, rather helped by the inclusion of some powerful players who have only just left the Sixth Form.


Late Summer Party

Here at Clayesmore, we always like to start the new academic year with a bang, so we host a nice party in a stripey marquee, guzzle fizz and canapés and enjoy an eye-watering fireworks display.


Prep are back at maths maze

The first i^2 took place on Friday. It is the Prep School version of our Maths Club, i. Pupils from Years 5 to 8 enjoyed a Maths enrichment session, led by several of the Senior School Maths staff. 


Devine boys get a new dedicated space

Downstairs in the Main House has had an extra buzz this first week of term, as the Devine boys have been flocking into their newly refurbished common room at break times.