Year 9 Entrepreneurs scrub up on their business pitches

The Year 9 Enterprise event took place over three days, 8-10 May, and what a hive of activity and productivity it was. The year group was divided into teams of five or six pupils to form companies tasked with creating bath bombs.

The companies further split themselves into departments covering the essential functions: Operations, creating the bath bombs and packaging; Marketing, responsible for branding and advertising; Administration, ensuring all operations were running smoothly; and Finance, planning and pitching their financial plan to the two bank managers who joined us from Barclays bank. Not everything passed the lenders’ scrutiny, though, as some of the less viable plans were rejected and the teams had to rethink their numbers, to be more robust in their projections.

The company names their brand people had come up as their first job were memorable and ranged from Candi to Fiz, from Scent to Wavezz, and from Bombshake to Boom Box Bath Bombs.

In addition to their brilliant numeric and verbal capabilities, the students also needed to hone their soft skills, such as communication and teamwork, as the pressure was building ahead of the product launches.

The companies were fortunate to benefit from the attention and expertise of serious business gurus, as senior managers from Lush, the natural cosmetics company credited with the invention of the original Bath Bomb, were present to judge the stands and the final business pitches.

On the final day, The Social Centre resembled the Grand Bazaar, abuzz with activity and excitement as students endeavoured to sell as many of their bath bombs as possible to fellow students and staff. Each buyer entering the Social was handed 1,500 YEC – or Young Enterprise Currency – to spend on the products of whichever Y9 company was doing the most convincing sales job.

The day culminated in the business presentations by each company, some of them screening highly creative and persuasive advertising spots, and some concentrating more on their financial rigour and forecasting.