Year 9 Ecology Project

Capitalising on the glorious weather and abundance of opportunities to study wildlife on campus, Year 9 recently embarked on an end of year Ecology project. Biology teacher, Mrs Jessica Willoughby writes:

“We worked collaboratively in small groups, challenged to investigate the biodiversity at Clayesmore.

We sampled 3 areas of the school to collect data on;

How trampling and pitch maintenance affects species such as daisy and plantain.
How abiotic(non-living) factors such as low light intensity in the shade of tree canopies effect the size of nettle leaves.
And finally the population size and community of organisms living in the lake habitat.

The highlight was delving into the lake armed with a net and the hearing the screams of delight when we caught our first froglet, juvenile perch and flat worm.

In fact we were having so much fun that we hardly even noticed all the maths and science skills we were mastering such as calculating the area of complex shapes, drawing graphs and extrapolating from data to make conclusions.

Once we had collected our results, we produced a poster summarising our methods and findings, the best of which will be chosen to be displayed in the Biology department and the group will receive a commendation from the Head.”