Year 7 language and history trip to France

Clayesmore Year 7 on a French and History trip in Normandy

Year 7 had their traditional study trip to Normandy last week. They explored the D-Day landing sites and visited the Bayeux Military Cemetery, laying a wreath at the grave of an Old Clayesmorian killed in the Second World War. They took in the sights of the ancient city of Bayeux, most notably the Bayeux Tapestry, and put their French into good use.

Clayesmore Prep’s Head of French, Miss Nicola Rowse, writes: “We had four fantastic days in Normandy with 47 children and lovely weather! The trip offers a variety of French and History tasks based on our work at school. The following excerpts illustrate the hard work and enthusiasm which epitomised the whole trip.”

Au Marché
“It was quite nerve-wracking when we got to the shop keeper; this was when our French was tested.” – Harry G

“I loved the picnic in Bayeux, all the food we bought was so good -especially the ham! It was easy asking for things and everyone was very helpful.” – Ollie S

“My favourite day was when we bought the picnic. I liked walking in a group and going into the shops speaking French. It was a nice environment.” – Tom K

Rallye à Bayeux
“On Thursday, we went to Bayeux to buy certain things for the Rallye, such as a post card, stamp, town plan and school notebook. I enjoyed this because it was interesting getting to know what France is like.” – Megan D

“I found the Rallye great fun and learned some French.” – Cameron H

Pegasus Bridge
“We visited the Pegasus Museum. That was my favourite thing because we could see lots of weapons used on D-Day, a glider and the actual bridge with bullet holes in it.” – Charlie T

“We had a talk about how the English and the allies landed and liberated Normandy.” – Fabian A

 Douvres La Délivrande (British Cemetery)
“It was very sad, but I’m glad we had time to pay our respects to the soldiers who fought in WWII.” – Millie C

“It was very, very shocking when I walked into the cemetery. It is one of the most devastating things I have ever seen. I felt it was nice, though, to go and respect the people who had sadly died in the war.” – Jenny A

Bayeux Tapestry
“I thought it was amazing how human beings could work together to create a masterpiece – a truly brilliant piece of artwork.” – Lucy F

“The tapestry was very fun; listening to the tape and seeing the wool and all the little models. I like history so I enjoyed it a lot.” – Henry H

“It smelled lovely when we went into the tiny shop. We had a talk in French about how the biscuits are made and made one ourselves. They were delicious!” – Ellie M