Year 7 celebrate the Year of the Pig

Last Tuesday marked the beginning of the Year of the Pig, and Year 7 celebrated the occasion with a China study day.  They learnt a few phrases of Mandarin (or, to be more correct, pǔtōnghuà), studied the geography of China, shared a magnificent Chinese lunch with the rest of the school and debated matters of importance in a People’s Congress. The day did much to improve the children’s understanding of this vast, fascinating and important country. 

Year 7 had a busy day immersing themselves in Chinese commerce, language and demographics.  Dr Huijing Chen from Portsmouth University gave an interactive presentation on aspects of modern China and its economic development. The pupils had so many questions to ask! 

After a delicious lunch celebrating Chinese New Year the pupils returned to the senior school where they worked with senior school students making 3D maps of Chinese mega-cities, trade and population.  We were also visited by an excellent language tutor, Mrs Kam Chi, who introduced us to the basics of pǔtōnghuà.  

The day finished with the Clayesmore National People’s Congress where important issues were discussed by groups representing, industry, the environment, farmers and politicians. Every pupil stood and spoke and the debate was energetic and lively. 

Throughout the day Year 7 demonstrated all the attitudes promoted by the Clayesmore Compass. Zhù hǎo!