Year 2 Visit to Springhead

Head of Pre Prep, Miss Julie Jackson, describes a great day out:

“Year 2 recently visited Springhead Trust in Fontmell Magna. This was one of the four mills in Fontmell that ground the corn and maize using the water power from the lake. We walked around the 18th century mill buildings and we were shown where the water wheel used to be. Today it has been replaced and the trust is run on hydro electric power.

We went to the ‘spring head’, the source of the stream. We learned that the water appearing up through the sand had fallen as rain between 20 and 40 years ago. All of us had a drink from the spring head, comment from the children “so fresh”. We also watched the two mating swans who have been resident on this lake for over 20 years protect their 8 cygnets from the threat of noisy children! “adorable!”

We saw a “tree with knees?” We chewed very young beech leaves that tasted of sour green apples and smelt wild garlic. We rolled down the slopes of the amphitheatre not caring that the grass was quite wet. Harry discovered who likes butter by putting a buttercup under everyone’s chin and then finally we went pond dipping and caught a host of wrigglers and 2 blood sucking leeches!”