Year 2 Africa Project Round-Up

The topic over the Spring Term was “The Geography of Africa” and the Year 2s were busy bees.

They looked at maps, identifying countries and naming some capital cities. They painted flags, named oceans, compared city living to rural homes and looked at shanty towns. They also studied the climate and the landscape and how, in a continent as large as Africa, it can vary so much.

All of Year 2 researched an African country, producing a fact file on it, and they looked at the life of Nelson Mandela and made a leaflet about him on the computer. Each child also made a PowerPoint presentation.

The pupils then delved into African culture by reading traditional African tales and other fiction and poetry. And art featured heavily, with batiks, lion drawings and collages, paintings, pottery and papier maché animal masks. They looked at African clothing and read a story about how Kente cloth was first made, which inspired them to weave material.

To top it all off, Year 2 presented an African poem as part of their presentation about the continent during the annual Spring Concert.

Lots of hard work but lots of fun, too!