Year 9 STEM day goes off with a bang!

The entire year group enjoyed a day off timetable to experience different workshops with a STEM theme.

Mrs Dorey’s Engineering Activities were a series of challenges and competitions where students had to work in teams to build a bomb hoist, transport a marble over the greatest distance, build a bridge, fire rotocopters at a target and build the highest tower out of spaghetti and marshmallows (without eating all the marshmallows first!)

The Science Department’s rocket activity was as popular as ever. The students had to work in groups of 3 to construct their own model rocket. Teamwork skills were essential and set of quite complex instructions had to be followed to the letter if their rocket was to be a success. The Science department took over the athletics track for the day, turning it into a launch area. Every single rocket launched successfully, although there were a couple of very short flights from groups who hadn’t quite read the instructions properly…. STEM Ambassador (and Clayesmore parent) Mr Mike Sussman was on hand to help and to talk to students about his career in STEM.

With assistance from the Ogden Trust, our guest workshop came from Mike Grocott of the National Space Academy. Mike explored ideas about flight and space travel and explained a little more about the possible careers in this area. As well as discussing the effect of space travel on the body and the merits of drinking your own purified urine, students completed practical tasks to explore propulsion and aircraft design.

Science Teacher Mrs Katy Smith said “The aim of the day was to enable the students to experience STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths) outside of lessons and to demonstrate to them how they can use their skills in communication, problem solving and teamwork.”

Clayesmore School is a member of the North Dorset and South Somerset Ogden Physics Partnership. The Ogden Trust supports a range of initiatives, programmes and projects to promote the teaching and learning of physics. The National Space Academy is a not-for-profit organisation created with the dual goals of engaging young people with the sciences and maths using the inspirational context of space, and facilitating pathways into space sector careers by working with industry as well as education.