Wolverton and Manor take the 10 Mile Cup

The results of Clayesmore’s traditional Spring Term cross country race, the 10 Mile Cup, are in, with Manor and Wolverton once again winning the team trophies. Congratulations to the winning houses, as well as to everyone who took part. Sports Events Manager, Mr Chris Humpage, provided this commentary:


In the girls’ race, King’s were off to a flying start with their Year 9 runner Ella B running a fast lap to make a lead of 1 minute 10 seconds. Although the margin had come down to 47 seconds by the end of the second leg, King’s still held the lead. The third lap, however, saw Wolverton take the lead by 1 minute and 42 seconds after Amy (Y11) set the fastest lap ever for a year 11 girl in a new record time of 6 minutes 10 seconds. Despite King’s best efforts, the gap grew from the third leg onwards with the eventual winning margin of over 3 minutes making Wolverton the girls’ 10 Mile Cup winners for 2018.

The fastest Junior lap was run by Ella (Y9) of King’s in 7 minutes 6 seconds. 

The fastest Senior lap was run by Amy (Y11) of Wolverton in 6 minutes 10 seconds. 



In the boys’ race, the Gate Year 9 runner Josh S established an early lead running the fourth fastest time of all year groups. The Gate lead grew to over 1 minute but was reduced to just 8 seconds by a fast leg by Finn D (Y12). By halfway point, Upper Sixth Former James M had taken the lead for Manor and made a margin of over 1 minute. At the end of the race, the early leaders Gate were third, Devine placed second 1 minute 35 seconds behind the winners, Manor, who are the boys’ 10 Mile Cup winners for 2018.

The fastest Junior lap was run by Josh S (Y9) of Gate in 5 minutes 40 seconds. 

The fastest Senior lap was run by Alex (Y12) of Devine in 5 minutes 31 seconds.



As has become tradition, members of staff entered two teams as well, one for Academic staff and  the other made up of Catering, Estates & Grounds staff. The latter beat the teachers by nearly 9 minutes in their combined time of 1 hour, 11 minutes and 1 second.

The fastest staff lap time was clocked by Mr Sean Thomson from Catering, Estates & Grounds, in 6 minutes 20 seconds, and the fastest teacher was Mr Peter Musson, running the second one of his two consecutive laps in 6 minutes 58 seconds.