What’s Life Like in Sixth Form?

What's Life Like in Sixth Form

Your time in Sixth Form is a time like no other. It’s the first point in your education – maybe in your life – that you’re in complete control of your own path. You can choose your next move, how you study and where your studies will take you next. You’ll never forget the fun, the freedom and the friends.

If you’re moving to Sixth Form this year, get ready for the experience of a lifetime – and don’t forget to enjoy every minute of it!

Boarding – a Preview of University

If they haven’t already started boarding, many of our students choose to board at Clayesmore by the time they move up to Sixth Form. It’s an amazing experience. You have your independence and time with your friends, amazing facilities to enjoy and full control of your own studies.

Boarding at Clayesmore is a great preview of what university could be like if you choose to continue education – that is to say, a lot of fun! It gives you the skills to navigate university life, manage your time and figure yourself out, while you enjoy some of the best times of your life.

Boarding Sixth Form provides students with the perfect blend of private study bedrooms, work space and social areas, so you’ll feel right at home, with all your needs catered for.

But the good stuff isn’t all reserved for boarding students – day students can take full advantage of the facilities in the boarding house, too. The Sixth Form Common Room, which serves as everything from party HQ to a refuge at break times, is open to all Sixth Formers.

Studying for Yourself

You’ll certainly have a lot of fun in Sixth Form – but what will you learn? Well, that’s completely up to you. Course choice is yours to make, previous qualifications pending. This is where your aspirations start coming to life, and where you can start planning for your future.

Careers are a big part of the conversation at Clayesmore, and finding your path might sound like the hardest decision you’ve ever had to make. Be confident that, with guidance, you’ll discover what you want to be. It’s up to us to help you fulfill your potential; but only you can live up to it.

What Our Students Say

We could go on about what we think you’ll love – but in this particular area, our students know best. Check out these interviews with a few of our Sixth Formers, who’ve found their passions and are plotting their plans for the future.

Discover the Future of You – at Clayesmore

At Clayesmore sixth form in Dorset, we encourage and support our students from the moment they join – helping them to write their stories and discover a world of potential. We give everybody here an opportunity to be their best and achieve their potential. We’ll give you every resource you need to find your passion, express it and succeed in the field of your choice – and if you haven’t discovered your passion yet, we’ll give you the guidance you need to find it in yourself.