Wacky racers in the Great Year 9 Go-Cart Challenge

Taking pole position for Year 9 in the last week of term was ‘The Great Year 9 Go-Cart Challenge’, an inter-house battle to see who could cover the distance between Gate House and the Jubilee Building in the fastest time on their school-made carts which had a distinct flavour of ‘wacky races’ about them.

The final results were:

Toys R Us Boys (Devine) – 20 points Wheelbarrow Boys (Manor) – 20 points Dead Again (Manor) – 21 points Scooters (Manor) – 22 points Steve (King’s) – 24 points Free Willy (Gate) – 24 points Knights (Devine) – 25 points Reliant Robin (Gate) – 39 points

Congratulations to all, and particularly the winning team of Nathaniel, Russell, Henry, Jasper , Sam, Tom and JoJo.