True Commitment: Clayesmore’s Biathletes at the Nationals

Clayesmore’s Director of Swimming, Mrs Ali Pickford, writes:

“Many congratulations to Clayesmore Prep and Senior pupils who took part in the National Schools Biathlon at the beginning of the Easter holidays at Crystal Palace. Just attending the finals showed a true commitment from our pupils to represent the school when most of their peers were enjoying the start of the holidays!

The Clayesmore team had qualified through regional heats at Millfield in October of last year. Over 1,500 competitors competed at the Nationals so the standard and entries per class were very high. They put in many extra hours of training, especially in the pool attending extra early morning training session. As a result their performances at Crystal Palace were outstanding and improved times were recorded in both the pool and on the track.

The table below details competitor names and their qualifying times and points and then times and points recorded at the National finals. All our pupils improved their ranking place and points achieved.

However a special mention must go to:

U10 Charlie 6th place in the swim and 11th overall Lottie 10th place in the swim

U11 Fabian smashing his swim and run time and coming 29th overall (qualified in 89th) Fabian, Ben and Henry coming 7th overall as a team!

U12 Ben for improving his 50 metres swim by 6 seconds

U13 Anna for improving her 100 metres swim by 7 seconds

U14 & U15 Russell and Jacob for smashing their qualifying times in the pool and on the track!”

Name Age Qualifying Swim Time Qualifying Run Time Points/Rank National Swim Time National Run Time Points/Rank
Lottie U10 50m swim 800m run 40.11 3.15.85 2138/42 37.71 3.18.33 2147/41
Lottie U10 50m swim 800m run 36.35 2.59.40 2423/18 35.25 2.52.33 2561/11
Fabian U11 50m swim 800m run 43.19 2.55.01 2045/89 38.06 2.45.85 2333/29
Ben U11 50m swim 800m run 42.67 2.59.63 1988/100 41.88 2.48.99 2174/63
Henry U11 50m swim 800m run 42.08 3.00.73 1991/99 43.30 2.51.27 2096/74
Ben U12 50m swim 800m run 44.13 3.00.93 1793/146 38.23 2.55.19 2054/68
Anna U13 100m swim 1600m run 1.31.23 6.00.91 1887/120 1.24.04 6.04.26 2014/63
Russell U14 100m swim 1600m run 1.27.25 5.46.04 1856/89 1.18.67 5.30.22 2107/43
Jacob U15 200m swim 1600m run 2.57.62 5.58.40 1682/87 2.54.07 5.29.26 1864/43