Year 6 plastics campaign wins Better Energy Award

Better Energy Award winning Clayesmore Year 6 with their 'Time's Up for SUP!' campaign banner

Just before Half Term, we received the great news that the excellent ‘Time’s up for SUP‘ campaign devised by our Year 6 has been voted the Regional Winner for Wales & West in the Better Energy School Awards. Their prize is a cheque for £500 which will help develop environmental education in our School. Mrs Sarah Panton, Clayesmore Prep’s Head of Geography and Science, who has been instrumental in co-ordinating the efforts of the Year 6 pupils, said: “Our pupils immediately rose to the challenge of changing the whole school attitude to Single Use Plastic. They transferred the knowledge they gained into an enthusiastic and informative campaign.”

The Better Energy School Awards for Excellence in Environmental Education give teachers and pupils the opportunity to study a huge range of environmental topics in a cross-curricular way through subjects like Art, English, History, Mathematics and Home Economics, as well as the more obvious ones like Science, Geography and Design & Technology. They had this to say in in praise of our Year 6’s work:

“It gives me great pleasure to inform you that Clayesmore School’s entry ‘Time’s Up for SUP’ was declared the Regional Winner in the Totally Clued Up category for the Wales & West Region. On behalf of Total and the Young People’s Trust for the Environment I would like to offer our congratulations to you and to all the children involved in the project. As Regional Winners, the school will be receiving a cheque for £500 and a special certificate to mark your achievements.

“There was a marked improvement in the standard of entries this year and over 21,000 children were involved in submitting projects for the Awards, so to become a Regional Winner is a considerable achievement. Well done and keep up the great work!”

Year 6 pictured above with their ‘Time’s up for SUP!’ campaign banner, before gathering to think about how to invest their prize money.