Time’s up for SUP!

Year 6 Plastics awareness interview with Mr Church from Clayesmore School on Vimeo.

Year 6 became activists recently, inspiring all members of the School community to cut back on Single-Use Plastic (SUP). Pupils filmed interviews with Deputy Head, Mrs Reach, and Head of Catering, Mr Church, to get their views on the matter.

They also wrote a play, composed a rap, made a four-metre long banner and posters with shocking facts about plastics, designed a computer game, created a visual display and researched a leaflet.

They delivered an excellent assembly in the Chapel, and performed their play and rap also in front of the Pre-Prep. Another day saw Year 6 continuing to inform and question pupils, staff and visitors on their SUP use. They also ran a competition to design the logo for a reusable plastic water bottle for School trips. The judging panel, composed of 6C  decided the  joint winners to be Evie (Y4) Hester (Y5) and Tom R (Y8), whose drawings will be amalgamated into one design.

This was an excellent way to raise awareness of environmental questions, and the need to reduce, reuse and recycle. We think we can all agree with Year 6 that “time’s up for SUP!”