TIME wins more prize money for Meningitis Vaccination Enterprise

Before half term, Clayesmore’s Lower Sixth Young Enterprise company, TIME, presented a successful pitch at the Dragon’s Den event. On Saturday 24 February, they took part in a Trade Fair at Shaftesbury Town Hall. Clayesmore’s Head of Careers, Ms Catherine Jacks, writes:

“They again impressed the public, the YE staff and business advisers with their campaign to encourage young people to take up the meningitis vaccination, and won a £30 prize for the best sales team. The challenge for them has been selling their idea and their wristbands to promote their campaign. They are not a charity but a Social Enterprise and hence quite different from the other companies in the competition.

“So impressed were the visiting public, local journalist and a visitor from the charity, Meningitis Now, that they have been been asked to record an interview with local radio, which is to be broadcast soon.

Their Business Adviser, Carole Jones, has been an asset for the team this year, and I have been so impressed with the time and energy she has given to the group.”

The students taking part in the Trade Fair were:
Callum F – Managing Director
Nikita K – Finance Director
Tim H
Sebastian C
Harry M

Other members of the company are:
Archie M
Ben F
Issy R
Liddy S