It’s time to fly high for Team Clayesmore


‘Work together to fly high’ was the message from Clayesmore’s new Head, Mrs Jo Thomson, today, as she addressed the whole school at a start of year assembly. After congratulating pupils on their results in the summer’s examinations, Mrs Thomson formally appointed the Heads of School and prefects for the year, tasking them with serving their school community with kindness, humility, integrity and respect, and the pupils with following their example.

The assembly closed with a reflection on the dedication and work which Team GB’s victorious athletes had put into their preparation for the recent Olympic Games. Whether competing as a group, as in the case of the jubilant Women’s Hockey Team, or individually, like Mo Farrah, all the athletes had been part of a team of coaches and trainers, and supported by their families and friends to do so. Working together towards the same direction or goal had enabled this success, much like the flying ‘V’ formation of geese, each providing lift for the others and sharing the leadership role. “The Olympic example has proved that by supporting each other, when individuals work for the good of the whole and look after each other they can really fly. It’s time to get involved in team Clayesmore”.