The Science of Winning

Old Clayesmorian, Richard Cross (2005 – 2010), has won the Young Scientist Award from SETAC (Society for Environmental Toxicology and Chemistry), a global, not-for-profit organisation which publishes journals and is the main association for ecotoxicology (the study of contaminants in the environment).

“My work looks at the potential risks that engineered nanoparticles pose to the environment,” explains Richard. “Specifically, I’m looking at the route to uptake of these nanoparticles into aquatic wildlife and how we might be able to ‘design’ nanoparticles to limit their potential impacts on the environment.”

After Clayesmore, Richard studied Environmental Science at the University of York before commencing his PhD at the University of Exeter. His advice for younger Clayesmorians?

“… to take every opportunity that comes your way and never feel like you are constrained to one thing or another. With every move, every job and every change in field (for me from conservation and energy policy to environmental chemistry and ecotoxicology), it’s always important to remember that everyone starts from the same position of having no background whatsoever. What sets you apart is just being willing to learn, ask questions of people who know more than you and never think that you are stuck in the same field or doing the same thing.”

Hear, hear.