Recent Projects

We are enormously grateful to everyone who has supported Clayesmore and our heartfelt thanks go to them all, including the Friends of Clayesmore, the Clayesmore Society, The Old Clayesmorian Society, Prep School PA, OCs, parents (past and present), staff and friends.

Thanks to them, we have been able to fund a variety of projects including:

Pontoon at the Lake

The lake contains a wealth of pond life and our budding biologists can now take advantage of this pontoon to collect samples and study the increased biodiversity in and around the water.  

Dance Studio

Clayesmore’s Dance Studio opened in September 2018 and has been a real hit with pupils. With professional standard flooring, lights, mirrors and equipment, the facility is enjoyed by pupils of all ages from the Pre-Prep to the Sixth Form. Weekly lessons are taken in Ballet, Modern, Tap and Contemporary Dance, while the room is also used as a rehearsal space for some of the School’s productions.


Long Jump & High Jump

Our state of the art long jump pit and high jump facilities were completed in 2015 and pupil performance in these athletic disciplines has improved ever since.  They were funded by the Friends of Clayesmore and through the individual gifts of a number of the School’s supporters.

Shepherd’s Hut

This wonderful hut was constructed by pupils from Years 9 and 10, under the supervision of members of the DT Department, as a project jointly funded by the Clayesmore Society and Friends of Clayesmore.

“When we stepped back and admired our work we realised quite how much we had achieved, and how significantly our skills had developed. We learned so much about working as a team, and about the materials we were using, and we gained so much experience on what it is like to build something on this scale.” (Jess Year 10)

Business School

The Business School, home to Business, Economics, Careers, Psychology, IT, Psychology and Biology, opened in 2013. Described by the Tatler Schools Guide as  “The most impressive careers forum I have come across” in their 2019 review, the Business School is a real hub for our Sixth Form students, providing a number of break out study zones.

The Business School was partly funded by generous donations from a number of individuals within the Clayesmore community.

Printing Press for Art

The Art department has always seen printmaking as an exciting way of developing art projects and introducing our students to new techniques and processes. Printmaking can be a key factor in many of our students’ work and it is an area that visiting moderators have highlighted as a strength. We have been aiming towards having a printing press in each of our studios and this target was recently met when we were able to buy a small printing press for our downstairs studio. We are delighted about this new acquisition and very grateful to the Friends of Clayesmore for their support. We are sure that many students across the year groups will benefit from it both now and in the future.

“The new printing press has enabled me to develop my printmaking skills. It was really helpful when I was producing my final series of woodcut prints for my A2 art coursework. I needed to use the press for a long period of time, so having a second printing press in the department was great!”  (Matthew, Upper Sixth Form)

Gallery of Recent Projects

Recent Projects