The Lake Project

At Clayesmore, we are blessed to have a beautiful lake within our grounds and we now hope to develop this area into a space in which all our pupils can learn outdoors and enjoy the wonderful surroundings.  Every Old Clayesmorian has memories from their schooldays, from Lake Warfare in the 1950s to raft building, pond dipping, kayaking and sailing and we want our current and future students to enjoy its many treasures, too.    Pupils of all ages, from Nursery to Sixth Form, will benefit across all areas of the curriculum.  There is something for everyone: from performing Shakespeare in the Amphitheatre to meditation in the Quiet Zone.

And we are encouraging our children to get involved!  Prep pupils will design the signs around the nature trail, Design and Technology students will create the wonderful benches and everyone will have the opportunity to put forward thoughts as to how we can best make use of such a stunning location.

In addition to the projects detailed below, we hope the whole area will evolve as more ideas come to fruition.


Outdoor Classroom

£13,000 (£10,400 with Gift Aid)

This classroom will be a fully insulated, partially glazed wooden structure with a shingle roof and will provide shelter and a space in which all lessons can take place.


Develop the Mountain Bike Track

£4,000 (£3,200 with Gift Aid)

The mountain bike track enables students to develop cycling skills onsite with enthusiastic and qualified staff.  Investment in laying a compacted aggregate pathway will allow for year round use of the trails and reduce the time required to clean bikes.  A timber ramp will provide the momentum required to overcome the flat profile of the site.


Pontoon for Pond Dipping

Kindly sponsored by the Old Clayesmorian Society

The lake contains a wealth of pond life and our budding biologists will be able to take advantage of this pontoon to collect samples and study the increased biodiversity in and around the water.



£400 per bench (£320 with Gift Aid)

We hope that our students will help design and build the benches which will be placed around the lake.


£7,500 (£6,000 with Gift Aid)

This will be a wonderful performance space for music and drama performances.  Perfectly located at the edge of the senior athletics field and built within a natural bank of earth.  It will also provide a unique teaching area during the summer months.

Nature Trail

£9,000 (£7,200 with Gift Aid)

A Nature Trail will run along the perimeter of the lake with signs identifying the plant and wildlife so the children can really appreciate and learn about the environment around them.

Bespoke seating area for the quiet zone

£7,000 (£5,600 with Gift Aid)

This will be a quiet area for pupils to relax and take time out on a beautiful, curved 20 metre hardwood bench.  From this situation, at the edge of lake, students will be able to enjoy the views and watch the wildlife.


Boat House

£15,000 (£12,000 with Gift Aid)

The once beautiful Boat House with its thatched roof has long since disappeared but as the foundations are still secure, we would love to rebuild it to store the boats in when the lake project is completed.