COVID-19 Hardship Fund

The Hardship Fund was established to provide financial help to families experiencing financial difficulties as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic.  Clayesmore is doing all it can to assist those families who have been severely impacted by the current situation.  Summer Term 2020 fees were discounted, during the first lockdown, and the fees for the Autumn Term 2020 were frozen.  Further discounts were provided in Spring 2021 for the second lockdown.  The Hardship Fund enables us to give additional assistance beyond this, in cases where particular hardship is demonstrated.

Please help us give our children much needed continuity at this difficult time.  Any donations to this fund will be ring-fenced and used solely to support those children who need it most.


Our means-tested Bursary programme really does have a significant impact on the lives of pupils and we are proud of our tradition of supporting those who need it, to ensure the unique experience a Clayesmore education delivers can be available to all. We have no endowment and the demand for bursary support is greater than ever. Your support will give the gift of a Clayesmore education to a child who otherwise would not have the benefit of it.

Funding a Bursary with Regular Giving



What is a Bursary?

A Bursary is an award of financial support to a pupil to help towards paying school and boarding fees.  The school aims to be a place where all students can thrive, regardless of means.  Applications are assessed by the Director of Finance and Operations and agreed by a Bursary Committee.

How is a Bursary different from a Scholarship?

A Scholarship is awarded based on the the merit of the student in a certain faculty of school life: this could be either sport, music or academia, and they are awarded at the Head’s discretion. Bursaries, however, are given to those who require financial aid.  Parents may apply for assistance and a Bursary Committee review applications to ensure awards are as fair as possible and also within the means of the school.

Will my child be eligible for a Bursary?

Several factors come into consideration when deciding whether or not your child will receive a Bursary, such as the financial situation of both parents and the potential benefits for the child and the school’s available funds. After acquiring this information, the Bursary Committee will decide whether or not your child will be granted a Bursary. All applications are rigorously means tested and reviewed on an annual basis, ensuring that the selection process is as fair as can be and that it caters to those who need it most.