Sun, seaside and deciphering Spanish dialects

When the rest of the School took off for the Easter holidays, our Year 10 and 11 Spanish language students travelled to Southern Spain for a study trip. Year 11 pupil Harry writes about their experiences:

The journey to Grenada took up the majority of the first day, but when we arrived in the town in which we were staying, we were greeted by a crowd of smiling Spaniards, all ready to take us home for a much needed meal. That meal was by far the most awkward as we hadn’t at that point got used to the fast native dialect, but the food was comforting nevertheless.

As the days passed, our understanding of the quick spoken language became a lot better, which made it highly rewarding when you eventually understood a sentence. This understanding was developed and accompanied by the daily lessons at the local language school, taught by enthusiastic teachers, a few of which seemed a little off the rails, but that made them more enjoyable.

After morning lessons were over, we did a variety of activities including the informative side, such as active lessons on how to dance flamenco and a paella cooking demonstration, and a more leisurely side, which consisted of lunch, exploring the beach and plenty of time to buy tacky gifts for your family.

It was a very worthwhile trip and it has aided my understanding of spoken Spanish and my knowledge of Spanish culture massively.