STEAM week

Pupils in years three to six have had a busy time this week participating in our ‘Communication’ STEAM week (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, Mathematics).  With communication being one of our attitudes to learning, STEAM week has provided pupils with the perfect opportunity to develop their communicative and collaborative skills. The range of activities has been broad and exciting with highlights including: 

  • Singing and signing a performance of ‘Can you hear me?’

  • Visiting the Blandford Signals museum

  • Telling stories through Chinese dance

  • Producing ‘communication through the ages’ animations

  • Writing messages using international naval flag signals

  • Writing and following German treasure hunt clues

  • Learning about transatlantic fibre optic cables

  • Enjoying silent comedies, such as Charlie Chaplin & Mr Bean

  • Code breaking in Clayesmore’s very own WWII war office.

  • Learning the NATO phonetic alphabet

As well as this, in History the children looked at how writing first evolved in ancient Sumeria and then went on to look at how Runes have been used to communicate. They created their own Runic messages for each other to decode.In science we looked at how DNA is used by a cell to communicate to the rest of the cell what it should be doing. We then extracted DNA from a strawberry and were able to see the DNA floating in the alcohol layer at the top of the test tube.

The children had a fantastic STEAM week and we are all looking forward to next year.