I am new to exercise classes. How do I know which would be suitable for me?

Most of our classes are designed for all ability levels and as long as you arrive early to introduce yourself to your instructor you will be given easy options throughout the programme.

I am returning to exercise from injury, where should I start?

Aquafit is ideal for people who have recently recovered from injury. The water supports the body whilst at the same time provides resistance to gently tone those muscles.

I cannot swim. Can I still do Aquafit?

Non swimmers and poor swimmers will be fine in an Aquafit class. The class is conducted within your depth so no actual swimming is necessary. Floats and water woggles are available for extra security if you wish.

My doctor/physio has recommended Pilates as being beneficial for me. Why is that?

Pilates is often recommended for people who have suffered lower back pain, whiplash or other sporting injuries. The basic principles of Pilates are to strengthen and re-align the spine, which will improve posture. Many of us spend hours in front of a computer screen which can lead to rounded shoulders and a pronounced S shaped spine. Pilates strengthens the body’s core muscles and increases flexibility and stability.

I am pregnant. What classes are safe for me?

Provided everything is proceeding well with the pregnancy and your doctor has given medical clearance to exercise, you should be able to continue with any of the classes you are already familiar with. Your instructor will make you aware of alternative execises to ensure you are still safe and getting the most out of the class. With all classes, keep your instructor fully informed of the stage of pregnancy you are at, listen to your body and if it doesn’t feel comfortable – stop.

Are the classes all for females?

No, men are very welcome at all of our classes.

What should I wear?

Comfortable clothing such as t shirt or vest, shorts, leggings or jogging bottoms with a sweatshirt you can take off when warmed up. You will need trainers for your feet. You will need your swimsuit for Aquafit.

Do I need to bring anything else?

Bring a bottle of water and for the more exhausting classes, a small towel.