Sports Hall

This is used for netball, badminton, basketball, cricket nets & indoor league, volleyball and indoor tennis. There is also an indoor climbing wall


As of today (Monday 23rd April) the sports hall floor has been given a whole new look!

The old floor stood the test of time very well having been in use for about 25yrs but had become tired and worn from years of multi activity use.

The new floor is similar to that of the old one in that it is basically a painted surface - a polyurethane screed with a clear lacquer finish to protect it. We have changed the colour of the floor from green to blue to give it a fresh and up to date look. With this some of the lines have also changed colour giving the brightest of the lines to the schools primary indoor sport – Netball which is coloured in white.

The lines have also been set in order so that the lowest priority sport is painted underneath that of the higher priorities:

Top line Netball - White Badminton - Grey/Silver Hockey - Orange Basketball - Black Volleyball - Red Tennis - Yellow Bottom line

Additional in Grey/Silver is the 22yds and 21yds bowling crease lines for using the cricket nets and also marked for the Sunday Indoor Cricket League

The main bonus of this rejuvenation is the increased traction and grip that the surface now provides.

If you have not seen the new floor yet then please be sure to come and have a look! While you are here why not play some sport, such as badminton.