A splendid night of Boogie Woogie

Clayesmore Prep musicians from years 2 to 8 and Sixth Form pianists with Julian Phillips, the internationally acclaimed boogie woogie pianist.

On Thursday 10 May, The Social was filled with the sounds of jazz, blues and boogie woogie in our annual tribute to this wonderful genre of music.

The concert began with a performance by the internationally acclaimed boogie woogie pianist, Julian Phillips, and singer Izi Onslow, who performed again at the end with impromptu solos from some of our pupils. Julian also played the accordion, which provided a different flavour to the concert.

Congratulations and thanks to our pupils (and Head of Prep!) who played so well on the evening and provided us all with an entertaining programme:

Annabel and Pip in Year 2;
Alice, Sophie and Theo in Year 3;
on the piano, Ned and Wilf in Year 4, Emily and Isobel in Year 5, George in Year 6, Hope and Edward R in Year 8;
singing, Ellie B and Matilda in Year 8;
on the trombone Joseph in Year 6 and Mr Dunlop;
as well as Senior School pianists Arthur (Y12) and Abi, Alice C and Ellie B (Y13).

Clayesmore Prep’s Director of Music, Mr James Smith, reflects on this superb event: “To see children of all ages performing in this way was great. It was also fantastic to see students from the Senior School collaborating with Prep children to enthuse and inspire the next generation of musicians. Combined with performances from Julian, it made for truly memorable evening.”

A piano duet by a Sixth Form student and a Prep School pupil at Clayesmore's annual boogie woogie night.