Spats & Sequins: the Summer Ball 2017

After what seemed like decades of planning, the Clayesmore Society “Bright Young Things” Summer Ball finally happened last week and boy, did it go with a swing.

The weather could not have been kinder as flappers and fops, Gatsbys and gangsters, mobsters and molls gathered on the North Lawn to sip gin cocktails and drop sequins on the grass.

Dinner was served in the marquee, spectacularly decorated with flowers, feathers, scenic canvases and a magnificent gin bar. Each table was named after a character of the era with “Gussie Fink-Nottle”, “Cecil Beaton” and “Lord Sebastian Flyte” et al groaning under the weight of immaculate glasswear and elegant arrangements of anthuriums.

A delicious meal was brought out and devoured, finished off with a real show-stopper of a pudding: English Summer House Cake, adorned with colourful blooms, tasting every bit as wonderful as it looked.

Dancing to “Pocket Cat”, fronted by OC, Bryony Purdue, followed and the sweet sounds of jazz drifted into the night until carriages came at 1am to collect the revellers, speeding them to their beds.

It was an absolute scorcher of a party; the Bright Young Things would have been proud…