These Socks Were Made for Walking…

The Sponsored Walk was resurrected this year and proved both well-supported and rather sunny.

We had 137 walkers over three local routes and the unsurpassable Dorset countryside around Clayesmore could not have looked more beautiful as they all set off, fuelled by delicious bacon and egg baps, juice and coffee.

Those eager participants who had planned their day were joined by enthusiastic(!) boarders, dragged into the fray by house parents and the lure of tea and cakes upon their return.

Among the OCs who turned up were John Symons (62 – 67), Stephen Levinson (62 – 67) and David Lowcock (63 – 67). It came to light later that John was kitted out in fifty-year-old Clayesmore socks (visible in said photo, taken at the top of Hambledon Hill). We like a bit of nostalgia in our footwear… We just hope they’ve seen the inside of a washing machine at some stage during their lengthy lifespan.

Well done, chaps!