Committee, Rules & AGM

The Clayesmore Society Committee meets at intervals throughout the year and arranges events for members and opportunities for networking. The Society holds an Annual General Meeting every year - generally on the afternoon of the Autumn Term OC Day and Late Summer Party. The Rules of the Society may be downloaded below.

The Committee is currently composed as follows: -

  • Mrs Deborah Geary, Governor (Chairman)
  • Mrs Fran Deeming, Governor
  • Mrs Jo Thomson, Head
  • Mr Will Dunlop, Head of Prep
  • Mr Mike Dyer, Bursar
  • Mrs Celia Dunlop
  • Mr David Fangen, Old Clayesmorian
  • Mrs Louise Smith, Head of Marketing and Old Clayesmorian
  • Mrs Marcia Higgs, Former Parent Representative
  • Mrs Liisa Steele, Clayesmore Society Officer