Welcome to Sixth Form

Clayesmore Sixth Form
 is a really exciting place to spend those vital transitional years between school and adult life. At Clayesmore we are acutely aware that the twenty-first century workplace is a complex and rapidly changing environment that requires young people to be adaptable, flexible and to possess a broad range of skills and knowledge. In the Sixth Form our aim is to prepare you for the next stage 
of your life – whether it be further academic studies or starting a career. Whatever you go on to do, you will require some specialist knowledge 
as well as interpersonal, leadership and communication skills to help you navigate your way through the myriad of opportunities available to you.

Your time in Clayesmore's Sixth Form will allow you to specialise academically and will also provide you with a breadth of experience from a diverse activity programme that is packed with challenging and richly rewarding things to do.

At the heart of our dynamic Sixth Form is a strong tutor system that provides you with academic and pastoral support, as well as assisting you through the application process for university, apprenticeships or the job-market. This is all achieved within a friendly, supportive and creative environment where you will have every opportunity to develop your interests, passions and talents.

Head of Sixth Form, SarahJane Newland writes: “Joining the Sixth Form is a really important step in your life. You’ll remember it, for years to come, as a time of hard work and good fun, as well as an opportunity to form lasting relationships.

There really is something for everyone in our Sixth Form. It will provide you with the memories, the skills and the confidence to take on the challenges of the wider world."