Boarding at Clayesmore Senior School

Situated within two hours of London and boasting a beautiful 62 acre site in the best of the British Countryside, Clayesmore is the perfect place to come to Boarding School. Clayesmore offers a first class education based on a broad and wide-ranging curriculum supported by a compelling co-curricular and activities programme.

The Clayesmore boarding experience is about forging strong friendships and learning how to study successfully; it’s about taking on responsibility and accepting challenges as they arise. We want our boarders to have a breadth of experiences so that, when they leave it is with a good set of values and the foundations of a confidence that will last them for life.

All boarders at Clayesmore are full boarders. Life is busy and the weeks are filled with a succession of activities including academic lessons, games, music, hobbies and volunteering. 

The houses are led by Houseparents who, with their pastoral teams and in partnership with parents, work hard to support and guide their boarders in all the necessary ways. Each pupil has a personal tutor who sees them every day and looks after them both pastorally and academically. Good pastoral care is at the heart of our boarding and all that we do here at Clayesmore. 

Travelling by car takes less than two hours from London to Clayesmore via key routes. Alternatively, pupils can travel by train from Waterloo to Salisbury and be taken to school via our taxi and mini bus services.

If you would like to find out more about boarding at Clayesmore, we would be delighted to welcome you to visit. Please contact Rhona Rutherford who manages all applications to our Senior School. She would be very happy to help and delighted to answer any questions you may have. You can contact her by email at or telephone on 01747 812122.