Devine House

Located in an old rectory in the village of Iwerne Minster, Devine is  a boys’ house, named for the founder of the school, Alexander Devine. Devine is house of three parts but one whole. During the day boys are based in the comfort of our cosy Common Room in the basement of the Main House where boys are looked after by Devine’s day matron. During the week, boarders and day boys alike share the space and, at the end of the day, day boys go home to their villages and boarders walk home to Devine.

Devine has an annexe for senior pupils in a row of cottages next to the Art school in the middle of the village. Senior boys love the privacy and independence that Church Path gives them and the security provided by Kirsty and Etienne Mareau Jones, the houseparents.

The main boarding house is staffed by the houseparent Daniel Rimmer, who, with his family lives at the rear of the boarding house. There is also a resident tutor and a matron and other academic staff visit regularly to give the boys a consistent and supportive environment.The boarding House stands in the far corner of Iwerne Minster, with its own football pitch, pond and fire-globe. When the days grow longer and warmer, the Devine boys, like the swifts that arrive in May, drift en masse into the great garden of Devine. Football and cricket are played by every year, with every year, all year! There is a mix of aptitudes and abilities, but all are united as one family team. Devine boys play hard and work hard and we believe in the power of teamwork.

Mr Rimmer writes:

‘In the summer, as darkness falls on our wonderful ash, beech and oak-lined garden, our fire globe is often lit and the community will gather in hearty voice with renditions of old House songs at the tops of our voices. I like to think (although I cannot be sure) that more than sixty boys singing together on a balmy summer evening is a tradition appreciated by the village community around us!’

Devine Boarding