Drama at Clayesmore

You might join the Clayesmore Theatre Company – unlike many schools you can get involved from the very start of your time in Year 9 – or submit work for the Clayesmore Film Festival, or write and direct your own play. If you enjoy the technical side of theatre and film you can do this too. We have students at Guildhall School of Music and Drama studying lighting design and one recent former pupil was part of a team winning an Oscar for computer animation in Disney’s The Jungle Book. Recent leavers have gone on to RADA and The Bristol Old Vic.

Pupils between the ages of 13 and 18 accomplish extraordinary things within the theatre, and pupils of all academic abilities are capable of remarkable achievements. As a department, we strive to achieve these and we aim for truly professional standards in every aspect of our work here.

Our theatre is a place for pupils to make discoveries about themselves and about their position within a community. And to be the best they can be. In every theatrical venture, there is a role for every pupil who is prepared to work with commitment. And every theatrical venture is the product of the whole company, on stage or off. We ensure all our pupils absolutely understand the value of their contribution.


Clayesmore Drama