Combined Cadet Force

We have a thriving CCF (Combined Cadet Force) unit in which students participate in campus-based learning as well as experiences outside our bounds such as diving, flying, adventure training, sailing and much more.

The CCF enables students to develop their individual and leadership skills and we are proud of the role that it plays in school life. We have both Army and Royal Air Force sections and the unit is fully voluntary, for pupils from Year 10 upwards. A good number of senior cadets stay on into Year 11 and the Sixth Form, becoming Non Commissioned Officers (NCOs), and they very much enjoy the opportunity this gives to practise their leadership skills and help the younger cadets. All Year 10 cadets will learn about basic field craft, drill, skill at arms, orienteering, first aid, navigation, RAF Part 1 Theory, and get the opportunity to try the confidence area and Close Combat Trainer.

All cadets have the chance to attend Air Experience Flying and an Army Training Area annual camp (usually in the last week of the summer term), and sometimes we also have places on an Easter RAF Camp. The CCF often competes in the Dorset Cadet Challenge and similar competitions, and there is a biennial inspection. On alternate years the CCF runs a Field Day for Year 10.

Field Day