Co-curricular Programme

At Clayesmore, we understand that learning is not confined to the classroom and we know that the most interesting adults start life as interested children and teenagers

So, we inspire and we provide opportunities for our students of all ages to learn about themselves and their environments in an exciting activity programme which most importantly also allows everyone to have fun as they learn! If you are looking for a list of extracurricular activities, you may be disappointed as Clayesmore does not offer any extracurricular sessions! This is not because we do not offer a wonderful programme of activities, clubs, societies and events, but because we don’t believe that these activities are ‘extra’ curricular. To us, they are simply ‘curricular’ or ‘co-curricular’.

Our programme encourages compassion, communication, creativity and courage and much more and we see it not as an adjunct, but as a companion to the academic and pastoral curriculum. Students are encouraged to take the initiative and start clubs or societies of their own and they are also able to join existing groups and activities. Our older students are encouraged to lead discussion groups and forums or to support activities for the junior students.

Student and teacher-led societies provide opportunities for Clayesmorians of all ages to discover new interests and further existing fascinations. Debating skills are honed at the Model United Nations events in which students represent countries and debate matters of real world interest such as human rights, child welfare and ecological concerns. In so many ways, the MUN epitomises what we see as integral at Clayesmore: challenge, communication, collaboration, curiosity and community.

A list of clubs and societies tells only one part of one story. The Clayesmore story is about much more and we are proud that our educational philosophy celebrates what happens in the classroom, on the games fields, in the sports hall, in debating chambers, by our lake, on Hambledon Hill and in our local primary schools.

As a timetabled part of the Year 9 curriculum, all the students take part in a carousel of activities on Wednesday afternoons. Currently, these include learning about myths, STEM club, the science of the senses, dance, linguistics and a CCF taster unit. These provide an opportunity for the students to work in teams and groups and to whet their appetite for learning outside the taught curriculum.

Tuesday and Wednesday afternoons also provide an opportunity for students in Year 10 and above to join our thriving CCF unit or take part in volunteer programmes or to access a wide range of activities including creative writing, Lego club, life-saving, drawing sessions, hockey umpire courses and many, many more.

Supporting our local community and the wider world around Clayesmore is also something that we feel is fundamentally important to the school, the students and the staff. There are many opportunities to undertake volunteer work through the CCF or the wonderful Duke of Edinburgh award schemes and as you will read below, many, many students take part in one or both of these activities. But on Wednesday afternoons, all Year 12 students participate in our ACE (action, community, environment) programme. This provides opportunities for all pupils to spend time in retirement homes, local primary schools, or learning how to be sports coaches and then to help run the junior teams, organise charity events, or work outdoors renovating garden spaces or community areas. Our students know that giving is as important as taking and this is one small way in which they can do something for other people.

Music, Art and Drama provide wonderful opportunities for students to express themselves and to explore the creative corners of their souls! At Clayesmore, we believe in freeing students to find ways of expressing themselves in music and performance. In an age increasingly dominated by fact and figures, we are proud that the creativity of Clayesmore students is both celebrated and seen as an integral part of their journey to being interested and interesting adults.

And while our campus may be an inspiring place, there’s nothing like getting away from the classroom to encourage learning in situ and every opportunity is taken to enhance the curriculum with a diverse programme of visits and excursions at home and abroad. 



Archery Clayesmore