Academic Curriculum

Where the choices are wide, with challenge and variety.

In Year 9 you will try everything, including three languages for a short time. By February you will be able to choose a selection of GCSEs which suit you. Additionally, you will enjoy team-building activities, an enterprise programme, share the excitement of working with friends in film-making and the theatre. You might already be confident with IT but we will take your knowledge and experience to new levels – in coding if you want to or just as a highly proficient user. All students use laptops for their work and are taught how to get the most from them.

At GCSE, if you are ambitious academically you might take Latin, separate sciences, computer science, and two or three modern languages. If you are mainly creative you might opt for some art, music, drama, design technology, or cooking. And of course there are all the other subjects you would expect too – English and English Literature, History, Geography and Religious Studies. PE can also be taken to GCSE. We create our timetable by asking you which subjects you would like to do and then do all we can to make your choice work! Click here to read more about GCSE Course Options.

Running through all our academic work is a clear-sighted view of your potential employability, and all our assessment processes are designed to be helpful, to raise attainment and to focus on the skills that really matter. We will keep your parents informed of all you are doing so they, too, can help you if necessary. The careers and PSHE programmes are embedded in all we do to ensure no one loses sight of the bigger perspective and the possibilities life offers.

A fluid setting system allows us to organise pupils according to their ability in a range of core subjects, with our “able pupils” policy ensuring that those who are especially talented in particular areas can be fully challenged. Similarly, the acclaimed Teaching & Learning Centre helps to ensure that we meet the needs of our pupils who need support. Anyone with a learning difficulty (such as dyslexia or dyspraxia) that makes school work more of a struggle, will have an individual programme drawn up that suits them best and allows time for the extra teaching required.

The Tutor System

You will get to know your tutor well. When you are new he or she will help you get to the right place at the right time but as you become more settled your tutor will be able to advise you on managing your work, sorting out any problems which might arise, choosing subjects for GCSE, A Level or University and generally being someone you can count on for good advice while you are at school. You will see your tutor briefly most days and have a longer tutor group meeting every Friday morning. These are enjoyable moments in the weekly timetable.

Of course, we take all aspects of your well-being seriously, not just your academic progress. If you are ill, or just feel a bit worried about something, we have friendly nurses, school doctors – both male and female – and a counsellor as well as senior staff, your house staff and tutor to look after you. Everyone is ready to help should you need anything.

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