Academic Curriculum

Where the choices are wide, with challenge and variety.

Clayesmore does its utmost for all children and is renowned for the success it achieves with pupils of all abilities. We celebrate accomplishments at all levels: from our academic high fliers gaining places in top universities, to the success of those who graduate from Clayesmore having achieved results beyond anything they dreamed possible.

Our curriculum offers, in equal measure, challenge and experiment, breadth and extension and, in addition to the usual academic subjects, we have developed a syllabus that encompasses religion and spirituality, health and social issues, citizenship, financial awareness, and careers.

The GCSE option system allows considerable flexibility, for example, Physics, Chemistry and Biology can be taken as separate subjects, and German, French, Spanish and Latin are all available. Click here to read more about GCSE Course Options. In the Sixth Form, all the standard subjects are on offer and over a 1000 different combinations are possible.

A fluid setting system allows us to organise pupils according to their ability in a range of core subjects, with our “able pupils” policy ensuring that those who are especially talented in particular areas can be fully challenged. Similarly, the acclaimed Teaching & Learning Centre helps to ensure that we meet the needs of our pupils who need support. Anyone with a learning difficulty (such as dyslexia or dyspraxia) that makes school work more of a struggle, will have an individual programme drawn up that suits them best and allows time for the extra teaching required.

We have invested very substantially in our academic facilities in recent years with bright, cheerful, spacious new classrooms and laboratories for many subjects, and lots of ICT equipment for both pupils and teaching staff. Our ongoing development plan will ensure that we continue to enrich the teaching and learning experience in a lively and stimulating way.

The Tutor System

Though the House staff are chiefly responsible for pupils, everyone is allocated to a tutor group and tutor meetings are an important fixture in the weekly timetable.

This is a time for the discussion of grades, exam results, future targets, option choices and personal concerns.

The aim is to build a mutually respectful working relationship, so the pupil can receive sound advice on getting the best out of their time at Clayesmore, and the tutor can develop a personal interest in each individual and support them fully.