Scholarships and Bursaries

Entrance exams and scholarships

Admission at age 13 is normally via the following methods:

Common Entrance Examination

This is the usual method of entry for girls and boys coming to Clayesmore from prep schools.

Clayesmore Entrance Examination

For those who have not followed the Common Entrance syllabus, a range of straightforward tests in Maths, English and Science are taken.


Year 9 entry

A number of scholarships are awarded each year, ranging between 2.5% and 10% of the full school fee for boarders or day pupils. 


Academic Scholarships are awarded each year to candidates taking special papers set by Clayesmore, along with the usual intelligence tests. Examinations are taken in English, Mathematics, French, Science, History, Geography, and Latin (an option). In each case, the candidate’s potential is considered more important than the current state of his or her knowledge.


Candidates should be of Grade 5 level in their first study. A second study must also be offered for which Grade 4 level should be the aim. Music candidates take part in a viva voce audition conducted by The Director of Music which covers a range of musical skills including sight reading and aural awareness. All candidates for Music Scholarships at Clayesmore are encouraged to arrange an informal pre-scholarship audition sometime during the year before the actual scholarship for further guidance on their final preparation. Scholars should be prepared to play a full part in the musical life of the school and will be expected to maintain their instrumental or vocal tuition and practice regularly.


Candidates will be expected to demonstrate considerable aptitude and commitment to creative activity in a general sense, while showing particular interest in a specific area of 2- or 3-dimensional activity. Further details should be obtained from the Registrar in good time for proper preparation for the scholarship interview, which normally takes place in the Spring term each year.

Design and Technology

Candidates applying will demonstrate above average skill and enthusiasm in the areas of creative problem solving and the physical manufacture of high quality products in the workshop. Further details of the D&T scholarship should be obtained from the Registrar with plenty of time to spare so that an adequate portfolio of the candidate’s work can be assembled.


Most candidates applying will be expected to contribute strongly to the major games played at Clayesmore, (rugby, hockey and cricket or athletics for boys and hockey, netball and tennis or athletics for girls). Athletic potential will also be considered and assessed for those candidates from schools who do not play our major games. All candidates will be assessed in a range of different sporting skills and be interviewed by the Head and/or the Director of Teaching and Learning. Further information is available from the Registrar.


All-Rounder Scholarships are also available. These may be offered each year to pupils who demonstrate above average skills or abilities in areas to which, once at Clayesmore, they will make an important contribution. Full details are available from the Registrar.

All Year 9 entry scholarships are tenable for the full five years of a child’s time at Clayesmore, subject to satisfactory progress and behaviour. Candidates must be under 14 years of age on 1st September of the year of entry to the school.

Sixth Form

Sixth Form Scholarships are also offered to outstanding candidates in different areas of expertise. These may be:

  • Academic
  • Music
  • Sport

All Sixth Form Scholarships are for two years subject to satisfactory progress, involvement in the specified area and good conduct. Candidates must be under 17 years of age on 1st June of the year in which they intend to enter the Sixth Form.


The school appreciates very well that many parents will find the cost of private education daunting, or even impossible, for financial reasons. Those who know that the school fees might be too great a burden for them should apply for a bursary. Scholarship Applicants should note that the financial value of any scholarship awarded will be subsumed into a larger bursary award.

The school will consider applications from parents for a means tested bursary, before starting at the school or at any stage of education. Bursaries are awarded depending on the individual circumstances and are reviewed annually.

Details can be obtained from the Director of Finance and Operations.

Closed awards for children of servicemen

The school has a long and proud association with our Armed Forces and sons and daughters of serving members of the Armed Forces normally qualify for a School Service Award. Details are again available from the Director of Finance and Operations.


In all cases the Council of Governors of the school reserves the right to determine the number and value of the awards to be made.

Year 9 Scholarship Dates – 2019

Scholarship Entry deadline Examination/interview date
Academic 4th January 2019 21st-22nd January 2019
Music 12th January 2019 4th February 2019
Art and Design & Technology 1st February 2019 26th February 2019
Sport 1st February 2019 25th – 26th February 2019
All-Rounder 1st February 2019 26th February 2019
Drama 1st February 2019 26th February 2019

Sixth Form Scholarship Dates – 2019

Scholarship Entry deadline Examination/interview date
Academic 25th January 2019 2nd February 2019
Music 12th January 2019 4th February 2019
Sport 25th January 2019 2nd February 2019
Art 12th January 2019 tbc