Routines to the Rescue!

Every day last week as I drove to work, I thought , ‘this would be The Play in 3 Days’ or ‘It would have been Hampers and Champers tonight.’ I thought of staging Hampers &Champers  in my backyard, but felt that my grandson on his xylophone would have been a poor substitute for the concert band!  On Friday, I almost felt bewildered as I quietly taught my online lessons and attended online meetings instead of proudly watching our  students collect their prizes and talk about the wonderful achievements of the year gone by. 

How much I have missed the clattering bustle of the Underground at lunchtime and those five Y10s who try to sneak in via the moat door to get into lunch early. I have missed the wonderful sight of multiple cricket matches in progress and the tennis in the distance on the Astro . As I work in the solitude of my office, I have missed chatting to the students who come to Lost Property or who stop by to collect a ‘hi vis’ vest from Mrs Lockwood – and  – I have even missed the ones who have been sent to see ‘Mrs Bailey’ for reasons we had better not go into here! All the staff have so much missed spending this term with Y13 and enjoying all the wonderful rites of passage and the valedictory ball at the very end of term.

Mrs Bailey’s grandson – aiming to show up the school Concert Band!

The end of an academic year usually brings with it enormous satisfaction coupled with complete exhaustion, but I am finding it hard to know how to react this time around. Summer does not even represent its usual freedoms. We have come to the end of something that was difficult and we feel we should be able to relax, go abroad as usual, meet our friends and make the most of the sunshine. But the reality is that it’s not over. We are still in the middle of the pandemic, and we still have to keep to social distancing regulations and remain alert.

I am sorry to have to admit it, but I’m finding it hard to keep up-beat. While we were still teaching, you had to keep going. My ultra-full-house was a challenge and I became a dishwashing-mean-machine. Somehow it was easy to get up at the crack of dawn to go for a walk and it wasn’t hard to stick to healthy eating. There was a lot of satisfaction in working on the problems presented by the lockdown; solving problems along with other staff, even though remotely. 

Now that term is finished, it’s like one of those epic hill walks where you’ve been walking for miles, the flapjacks are finished, the blisters are agony, there isn’t much water left and even the dog has had enough. You can see the summit – you’ve got it in your sights. Staggering valiantly up the last few steps you see…another summit; a hidden summit and who knows how many more beyond?

But enough of negativity! There is only one sensible response. Tomorrow morning I am going to get out of bed, get ready and go for that early morning walk. I am going to decide on a routine and stick to it and I am going to choose some holiday reading (any recommendations?) and make some plans. And now I’ve said I will do it in this public way, it leaves me with no choice! There is lots to do, so I had better get on with it. 

Meanwhile, I hope everyone in the Clayesmore community has a lovely summer with many good times. The Y13 leavers of 2020 are much in everyone’s thoughts. They may feel as if their journey to the top of the hill has presented some potholes and a few false summits, but there is sure to be sunshine over the next hill. 

Dorset Hills To Climb