Pupils don’t just “Speak the speech” in Shakespeare Awards at RADA

Mr Yarwood and Mrs Murphy took a minibus full of budding acting students to London last Saturday for their exam at the Royal Academy of Dramatic Art. Mr Yarwood reports:

“The exams ranged from messenger level for Benjamin and Lucy in Year 9 right up to an exhausting Gold Medal exam (which lasted over 90 minutes!) for Theo and Amelia in Year 12. The exams at RADA are unique because they require pupils to perform their set Shakespeare monologues twice and to take direction in a workshop environment with a RADA acting coach. This year the examiner was Kevin Trainor who is a successful actor and teacher at RADA for over 15 years. The pupils thoroughly enjoyed their exams and all wish to take a higher level next year.”

We have just heard that not only did all pupils pass, but Theo and Amelia have also received Distinction for their Gold Medal performances. Congratulations to all!