Pupil Insurances

Dear Parents

We are delighted to be able to provide details of our  insurance policies below.

We strongly recommend that you consider your insurance requirements carefully as no liability can be accepted for pupils’ personal possessions especially laptops, tablets, mobile phones, bicycles or cash. You are strongly advised to obtain private insurance for such items or opt-in to the School’s insurance provision arrangements. Also, the School cannot accept any responsibility for any damage caused to any vehicles/bicycles or other equipment parked or left anywhere on the School premises for any reason at any time.

Please be aware that in accordance with the Parent Contract, we do not provide refunds if your child is absent from school so we encourage you to take out pupil absence insurance to cover this eventuality.

The School has comprehensive travel insurance for arranged school trips, but naturally certain activities and items are excluded and parents must consider if additional cover is needed.

Parents should consider carefully if they need additional medical cover of any kind. For international students the NHS is now very strict about charging for medical treatment provided in the UK, even in an emergency if they consider that your child is not entitled to support as a full UK resident. See: https://www.gov.uk/government/publications/guidance-on-overseas-visitors-hospital-charging-regulations

Please ensure that all schemes offered fully meet your personal circumstances and requirements.

Charged schemes offered are optional and can be cancelled with a term’s notice. The termly invoice will show if you are covered with the insurances you need if received in time. Please check this carefully. Contact billing@clayesmore.com for more details or information.

Optional Insurances:

School Fees Protection Insurance (cost of 0.69% of fees) – Information Document and Application Form

This policy will refund fees if a pupil should become ill or suffers an injury which results in them being absent from school, depending on the nature and severity of the illness or injury.

Personal Possessions Insurance

Our pupils’ possessions policy insures against loss, theft and damage of items such as laptops, tablets, musical instruments and other valuables during term time at school, with sums insured of up to £5000 and up to £2,500 for any one article for £6.80 per term.

Insurance Endorsement


Parent Life Insurance (School Fees)

Please click on the links below to find out more about a unique insurance which assist with paying school fees in the unfortunate event of a parent passing away. 

Information Leaflet

International Pupil Insurance

This policy is only available to pupils normally resident overseas.  The policy pays up to £3,000 for costs of a trip cancelled or cut short as the result of an insured event. It will pay up to £2,000,000 for hospital, ambulance and medical repatriation costs following injury or illness, including up to £500 for emergency dental treatment.  It provides cover for up to £100 if personal money is lost, stolen or damaged.  If a pupil’s passport is lost or stolen the policy provides cover up to £500 payable for accommodation and transport costs to obtain a replacement.  If a departure is missed due to an event, the policy will cover additional transport costs up to £250.  Cover for up to £15,000 of pre-paid termly school fees if studies are ended due to insured accident or illness.  Cover for lost, damaged or stolen personal belongings up to £2,000 per person (up to £1,000 for any one article); up to £1,000 for the total of all valuables.

Insurance Endorsement


Private Medical Insurance (£112 per term)

The Pupils’ Healthcare Scheme gives you the peace of mind that should your child become ill, which is an already stressful time, they have fast access to treatment and care for eligible conditions.

Pupil Absence Insurance:

5 Day Pupil Absence

Absence Insurance Endorsement

Included for all pupils:

Insurance claims: