Pro Corda Founder’s Trophy presented to Clayesmore Prep musicians

Mrs Judy Coplan, Clayesmore Music Teacher who coached our Prep Chamber Music Group throughout their Pro Corda advancement, writes:

“The Prep School community was delighted when Andrew Quartermain (CEO of Pro Corda) visited Clayesmore this week to present the prestigious ‘Founder’s Trophy’ to our Chamber Music Group. The quintet, under-12 National Chamber Music Champions in 2017, was awarded this special trophy after this year’s festival as the one outstanding ensemble across all age categories. This accolade from Pro Corda is a huge honour as it represents not only an exceptional standard of ensemble performance but also an impressive response to coaching.

“Before the presentation, the group enjoyed working with Andrew in a Creative Ensembles workshop, experimenting with musical modes and improvising in a variety of styles. Rather than repeating their prize-winning piece Tico, Tico they characteristically chose to ‘throw away the music’ and stun us with an extended improvisation performed to a whole school assembly in chapel. The spontaneous musical communication, confidence and creativity shown by these young players was most exciting to witness.

“Such national success has required large doses of commitment and resilience from the group members but has also been tremendous fun! We now celebrate a musical journey that has seen them entertain audiences not only in school but also at Sherborne, Salisbury, Brighton, Cambridge, and even at the home of Pro Corda in Leiston Abbey, Suffolk, where they gave a public concert. We are very proud of their musical achievements and wish them well in the next stage of their education.

“There will be further opportunities to hear the Chamber Music Group perform alongside the Choristers and Jazz Band at Shroton Church at 7pm on Thursday 24th May in their Pre Tour Concert, and also in London on Friday 6th July between 1pm and 2pm at St. Paul’s Church, Covent Garden.”