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From the Studio to the National Gallery via Stourhead

published in March 2017

Prep School Head of English, Mrs Suzanne Chinnock, recounts exciting news following last year's Prep School Arts Week:

"Filmed against the impressive backdrop of Stourhead's Apollo Temple, the Prep School's response to Ruben's 'A Roman Triumph' was a spectacular mix of physical theatre, mime, dynamic spoken lines and ensemble work. Fifteen pupils worked seamlessly, creating elephants moving in procession, flaming torches, sacrificial bulls and an array of characters from the painting. The dramatic response from the pupils was quite extraordinary, and the maturity and creativity of their interpretations a joy to behold. There was great excitement amongst the pupils when we learned last week that the film of this event is to form part of the digital element of the National Gallery's 'Take One Picture' exhibition, opening in the late spring/ early summer of 2017. The selection procedure for this prestigious exhibition is a rigorous and discerning one, and the pupils should be justifiably proud of their achievements. London, here we come (or should I say Rome)!"