Prep School donations help the Grenfell Tower relief project

Clayesmore Prep School nurse, Sister Hillyard, and Prep parent Mrs Richardson undertook a mammoth drive in last week’s heat when they drove to London with a van full of donations from Prep parents for survivors of the Grenfell Tower fire. Sister Hillard writes:

“Thank you for all your kind donations. Jenny and I had the most incredible day, meeting some amazing people and seeing the devastation that had occurred. We cried and laughed as we were told some truly inconceivable tales. There were people taking time off work to run and manage the centres. One of the local nurseries had thirty two children missing from their register and I think the thing that left us most dumb-struck was two children being turned away from school because they had no uniform. Apparently it is Council policy: ‘no uniform, no school’.

We saw the best and the worst of human nature and were completely humbled by your generosity and that of Poundland, the people of Shaftesbury and JC Carpets (who donated three brand new mattresses).

In a van with no air conditioning on the hottest day of the year our twelve-hour round trip to London was quite an adventure.

Thank you from the bottom of our heads. The people of Grenfell Tower and all the volunteers involved said it was wonderful to know how much people care.”