Prep pupils power up for the environment

The past week has seen a series of environmental talks on and activities in various classrooms in the Prep School. 

Peter Littlewood from the ‘Young Persons Trust for the Environment’ came in to talk to Year 4, Year 6 and the Prep-Prep on Monday. “The pupils enjoyed lively talks and videos on habitats and plastic in the environment,” says the Prep Head of Geography, Mrs Sarah Panton.

This was an opportunity for the Year 6 (pictured with Peter Littlewood above) to gather some vital and thought provoking information for their plastic awareness campaign, which runs in conjunction with Powerdown Day on Thursday 8 March.

We are looking forward to Powerdown Day, which was a very successful event two years ago. This year single use plastics will be included in the topics to be highlighted. Watch this space next month for more stories and some pictures about environmental and energy education.