Prep Musicians give a Pro Corda Performance

Pro Corda Musicians

Our Chamber Music group, the UK’s under 12 chamber music champions, brought Clayesmore music to an entirely new audience this week when they travelled to Leiston Abbey in Suffolk to give a concert at the headquarters of Pro Corda.  They produced a fantastically varied 45 minute programme that demonstrated a wide variety of instrumental, vocal and dance skills.  Before they returned, Head of Prep Mr Will Dunlop, was very pleased to receive the following message from one of the audience: “It was a delight to see – and listen to – the Clayesmore students.  What a talented group they proved to be.  Their programme was varied and full of fun, and their enthusiasm was infectious.”   

Mr Dunlop adds, “Rather wonderfully, it was pointed out to me this week that Clayesmore is essentially the Hebrew word for orchestra, klezmer.”  

We wish the group luck as they begin the 2018 competition next week.