Prep Courage Week

To reinforce the benefits and importance of our Attitudes to Learning and the ‘Clayesmore Compass’, the Prep School focussed on one of the qualities on the compass this past week; courage. Mrs Suzanne Chinnock, Head of English and Drama, writes:

‘Success is not final; failure is not fatal: it is the courage to continue that counts.’
– Sir Winston Churchill

Visitors to the Prep School this week were greeted by a flying lion, a sea of red balloons, twirling streamers and thought-provoking quotations. What was the occasion, you might be wondering. Was it a special anniversary? A significant birthday perhaps (Mr Dunlop turning 21…again)? Well, look no further for an answer! This week was COURAGE WEEK at the Prep.

Courage is one of our six attitudes to learning and is coloured red on the Clayesmore Compass. This week we were looking in particular for examples of courage and asking the children to think about how they show courageousness in school. Could they have a go at something new or challenging, not giving up when the going gets tough? Could they work with someone different? Could they use initiative and display independence?

Here’s what they got up to! Year 4 pupils spent a little longer trying to work things out, rather than asking for help straight away. In computing, Year 7 pupils acted as peer mentors. Pupils showed great courage in play rehearsals, focusing on their acting whilst delivering their lines and using lots of expression. In Art, pupils  walked around the table which had various famous paintings on it; they had to draw the painting in front of them, however hard it seemed. In Hockey, pupils were encouraged to keep doing the right things, even if mistakes were made – mistakes help us learn! In Pre-Prep, one pupil tried an apple for the first time. He didn’t like the taste, but had the courage to give it a go!  In English, some ‘self-conscious’ pupils were encouraged to allow Mrs Reach to read their short stories to the rest of the class. Several tutor groups came up with courage targets. In their session with Gillian Cross, Patron of Reading & Writing, many Year 5 pupils worked with someone different. Many pupils wrote down an example of their courage to add to the beautiful display at the top of the staircase. And that’s just a sample…

At the start of the week, Carlos the Lion asked if Prep pupils could show more courage and gain a deeper understanding of what it means to be truly courageous, both in their learning and in wider school life.

Courage is not just for Courage Week though – it is an attitude we seek to foster for all time, enabling the children to be courageous individuals both now and in the future…