Prep are back at maths maze

The More Able and Enrichment programme in the Prep School provides enhanced learning opportunities and further breadth in academic areas, such as mathematics.

Sarah-Jane Rhead, Senior School Mathematics Teacher and i-coordinator, writes:

Last year the Senior School Maths Department launched i^2 as the junior version of i, our Maths Club. On Friday afternoons, after lessons, a group Prep pupils from Years 5 to 8 come across to enjoy Maths enrichment activities. The sessions are led by several of the Maths staff in the Senior School classrooms so that students can collaborate by using the whiteboards that cover three of the four walls.

This year, the programme started by pupils becoming Maths Detectives and investigating several statements, initially with numbers, and then progressing into representing findings algebraically. Towards the end of the session we all shared our discoveries.