Pre-Prep’s Festive Fortnight

The festivities continued at the Pre-Prep in the last two weeks of term. At the Crib Service, we heard beautiful piano solo pieces from a number of Year 2 pupils, as well as a joint Pre-Prep and Nursery rendition of ‘Three Kings’ and ‘Thanks and Praise’. Reception and Year 1 children posted their letters to Father Christmas at the village shop, but they have also had to deal with the slightly disruptive presence of an impish elf called Frost…

Finally, there was of course the the Christmas Play. Head of Pre-Prep & Nursery, Mrs Charlotte Townsend writes:

“Following a tuneful introduction from the Pre-Prep’s percussion group, the Smarties, who performed ‘Santa Claus is coming to town’ and the ballerinas  who performed a delightful dance, the whole of Pre-Prep gave us a more traditional nativity this year with their play, ‘A king is born’. The play was set in a family’s cosy sitting room on Christmas Eve. Two very excited children were not wanting to go to sleep, so mother and father decided to tell the story of the nativity as a bedtime story complete with live props. The children watch in awe and wonder as the miraculous story unravels.

We experienced a beautiful Angel Gabriel, a loving Mary and Joseph, a scary Caesar and his rather confused census takers and officious Roman soldiers, stressed-out innkeepers, hassled townspeople, bossy shepherds and noisy sheep, and finally some very smart kings who arrived somewhat jostled from their bumpy camel ride.

Inspired by the amazing Mrs Coplan, the singing from all of the children was to an exceptional standard, as ever. Accompanied by the fabulous band, the children sang and danced with enormous confidence and volume, and we had soloists from Nursery, Years 1 and 2 which brought a tear to a few eyes. One thing’s for certain, we have no idea how the baby Jesus slept through it all!”