Pre-Prep Wellbeing Week 2019

Pre-Prep Wellbeing

Pre-Prep have had a fantastic week of wellbeing and have finished feeling like we have really paid attention to looking after our minds and bodies in a very positive way. Starting on Monday with an energetic Rugby Tots session, we moved on to explore the senses in our feet barefoot walking across all types of material outside. In the afternoon, we had yoga sessions with Vanilla Yoga and finished the day in a calm and meditative way.

On Tuesday, we explored our creative minds with a carousel of art activities, all centred around ourselves and our wellbeing, exploring mood and emotions through colour, musical inspiration and following in the paths of artists such as Andy Warhol and Kandinsky.  Interspersed with the art were sessions of Mindfulness where the children explored the concept, meditated and and made calming jars to take home to remind and help them to look after themselves.

On Wednesday, we visited the TLW studios in Shaftesbury, where the children were taught various genres of dance by the wonderfully creative and athletic teachers there. In the afternoon, we visited Mrs Jacson’s parents’ house where we had a picnic and then had forest school in the stunning 14 acre garden, complete with its abundance of wildlife, hideouts, fairy doors and dragons. A magical afternoon.

On Thursday, the children enjoyed mindful music with Mrs Coplan and Mr Rigby which included a percussion workshop followed by relaxation techniques to the sound of Mr Rigby playing the Marimba. In the afternoon, we learned bike proficiency with Mr Manley and Mr Westlake, which included bike maintenance, riding, safety and maneuvering. A fun exercise despite the rain!

Friday’s plans to visit Kingston Lacey were thwarted by the weather, however we continued in our topic of wellbeing in school with more art activities, music with Emma and her Magic Bag and some further yoga sessions run by Miss Howell.